About Us

Our business

We are professionals, who will perform the most demanding orders.

The success of any service is customer satisfaction and satisfaction, so we are always professional and trusted advisors for you. The policy of continuous improvement of professional qualifications of employees and cooperation with specialized business partners allows us to provide comprehensive, substantive and technical support to each customer. We treat each order individually, so we are able to select the best working methods and equipment.

We have been operating since 2018,

Using our many years of experience and technical expertise, we continuously develop and implement modern, efficient and safe technological installations.

Our values.

We strive for excellence in our work, using modern solutions and working together as a team.


We treat each task with the utmost care, using best practices and modern solutions to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers.


We rely on modern technologies and innovative approaches to meet the demands of today's market.


We believe in the power of cooperation. Our team consists of skilled professionals who work well together, exchanging knowledge and experience.


Our priority is to meet deadlines, comply with customers' requirements and exceed their expectations.


We focus on adhering to security standards and procedures to ensure protection for all parties involved.

Check out our services

Dismantling and relocation of industrial facilities.

We offer comprehensive solutions related to the safe and efficient dismantling and subsequent relocation of machines, production lines or entire plants.

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Employee leasing

Employee leasing is a convenient and flexible solution for quickly and efficiently supplying your company with competent personnel.

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Manufacturing of skids and valve blocks

We supply the highest quality components, designed with precision and according to customer specifications.

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Production of cooling/heating jackets for tanks

We manufacture cooling and heating coats for tanks, guaranteeing precise temperature control.

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Spinning cones

Spinning cones is a process we specialize in, providing precise and durable parts.

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Production of cones for tanks

We manufacture cones for tanks, ensuring a perfect fit.

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Tank welding

We manufacture tanks, tailoring them to the specific needs of customers.

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Technical consultancy

Our technical advice is a guarantee of effective support in every aspect of your project.

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Service and modernization of technological installations

We offer comprehensive service and modernization of technological installations, ensuring their reliable and efficient operation.

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Assembly of industrial machines and equipment

We provide professional assembly of industrial machinery and equipment, ensuring precision and reliability of execution.

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Assembly of technological installations made of stainless and carbon steel

Our team ensures precise installation, guaranteeing durability and optimum performance of the system.

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