Spinning cones

Spinning cones: a precision shaping technique for industry

In industry, cones are essential components of many structures, from tanks to pipelines. Precision spun cones guarantee their durability, functionality and safety. But what exactly does this mean and what benefits can it bring to your business?

What is cone spinning?

Cone spinning is a metal forming process that creates conical parts from flat sheets of metal. The process requires specialized equipment and skill, and the result is a cone of precise size and shape, ideal for many industrial applications.

What is the process of spinning cones?

The process of spinning cones begins with the preparation of a flat metal sheet. This sheet is then formed using a spinning machine that precisely shapes the metal into the desired cone shape. Finally, the cone is inspected in detail to ensure that it meets all dimensional, shape and quality requirements.

Cone spinning is more than just a metal forming process. It's key to achieving industrial efficiency and safety. Accurately spun cones ensure the tightness and durability of structures, and protect the contents of tanks or pipelines from leakage and contamination. In addition, with a precise spinning process, we can minimize the risk of failure or the need for future maintenance.

Cone spinning is an indispensable part in the manufacturing process of many industrial components. When you choose cone spinning specialists, you guarantee that your products will be precise, durable and safe for many years.

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